Welcome. The CONSULTANCY REGISTER provides a searchable management consultants directory, for US, UK, European and Asia Pacific business consultants and consulting firms, covering all industries and business consulting professional services.

The CONSULTANCY REGISTER was established Summer 2010 initially for US/UK. With the success of the site with thousands of firms registering and using the site’s services, we are now accepting listings from Europe and Asia Pacific as well. We’re also looking at business options to invest in and market the site professionally and commercially – contact us if you are interested. Exciting times ahead for the site’s future and development!

For consulting firms and individual management consultants or interims, the site provides an opportunity to freely show and advertise your services to potential clients, in a consultants directory or register. Consultancy firms can display their profile including a full descritpion, contact information, a link to your own website and the services and geography you cover.

Consultants and consulting firms may register themselves on the site, free. Those registering and displayed on the site now, will gain more exposure before the listings build up! So submit and display your details NOW, so that clients may see your profile and contact you directly.

CONSULTANCY REGISTER is listed with all major search engines and maintains top page rankings for consulting related searches like ‘management consultants directory’, ‘business consulting directory’ and ‘consultants register’. Google also crawls your listing on our site and the link to your firms website, improving your own Google ranking. We ask firms to consider putting one of our link-logos on their website with a hyperlink to our homepage – our logos are under the Consultants Resources/’Link to us’ menu.

The site is independently run and hosted, it is not affiliated to nor does it endorse or favor any of the consultancies listed, it serves as a searchable consultants directory. The key offerings the CONSULTANCY REGISTER have are;

* free to register, free to search,
* direct link to your firms website and contact information,
* display your company logo, picture or website screenshot,
* no logins or passwords to register,
* firms randomly showcased with every page viewing,
* and top Google ‘consultancy’ related search results.

Consultants listing their details receive a quick email verification link. Their profile can then immediately be seen on the home page, the random ad boxes, and be searched for and viewed by potential clients. Visitors can contact consultancy firms on the Register directly and visit their websites. There’s no login or password to register, this is only necessary if you wish to update your profile.

The site is designed to be professional, fast and easy to use for visiting potential businesses and clients, allowing them quick and targeted searching for specific consultancy support, industries, expertise and geography. We hope CONSULTANCY REGISTER achieves its aim for you – ‘helping businesses find consultants’!

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